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Starting from waterfree skincare products, creating industrial green and environmentally friendly materials

Lucykle hopes that through our products and stories, we can inspire people to pay attention to environmental issues and practice sustainable living.

What's Sustainable caring ?

Our goal is to create products that care for your body and the planet at the same time. The water content in common skin care products is as high as 70 – 85%. However, there are 2 billion people in the world without clean drinking water. Therefore, we decided to start with "water-free skin care products" and do our part to save the earth's water resources so that everyone and the earth can shine brightly.

We conduct in-depth research into the manufacturing process of traditional skin care products.
It was found that a large amount of water was consumed in the manufacturing process.

Our team continues to explore, through medical patents and biotechnology, The unique water-free formula uses room temperature fresh-keeping technology to completely seal the essence.

The cloth film uses 3D natural wood pulp fibers.
It can be degraded by the natural environment and achieve sustainable environmental protection.
The facial mask packaging is made of transparent pharmaceutical grade materials.
Blocks moisture and oxygen to prevent the mask from getting damp.